programs offered

Consultation and Assessment with Kerry


Full consultation takes 1,5 hours and consists of a Life Resonance Intelligence System scan.  This scan is programmed to scan digestive and immune systems, heart and brain, muscular skeletal systems and hormones.  It will reflect any imbalances as well as any bad bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other pathogens that shouldn't be in the system.  You can request something outside of this, so just speak to Kerry about your health concerns.  Also included in this consultation is the Quantum Electro-Magnetic scan which detects how the body is receiving oxygen and how the main organs are functioning as well as your absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes and trace elements.  The cost for this is $250 including a report.

Health Programs with Kerry


A 13 Week WildFit Health program which consists of 2 coaching calls weekly on a zoom online link (so you can be anywhere in the world).  This is an education program which highlights an individual's relationship with food and how we can change certain habits to eradicate certain cravings forever.  You will totally reset your relationship with food.  The result is an end to sugar cravings, increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, glowing skin and much more.  All results are sustained.  I have also included a second program, which is also 13 weeks called Life4ce. This is a personal development program which does a deep dive into your emotional and mental health.  The combination of these programs is extremely powerful. The result is a very balanced body, which knows how to heal itself.  The combined price of these programs is $2500.